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Entertain and educate patients about your medical practice conveniently on your website!

80% of people first seek medical answers and advice on the internet. Aside from your own waiting room, the other key place to increase your practice’s business is on your website. Using customized video clips to explain practice procedures on your medical website sets a new standard of professionalism in your medical field, automatically setting your practice apart from your competitor. In addition, by adding real patient testimonials, your practice will attract new, high-end patients and increase case acceptance by conveying the confidence that you are the best physician for the job! Having videos integrated into your medical website has also proven beneficial in increasing search engine optimization so your practice appears earlier in the search results than your competition.

Website Videos provide an advanced media experience through which physicians and medical staff can interact with numerous potential patients simultaneously! You would probably agree that 99% of potential medical patients own a television. Website videos are essentially “TV shows” about how great and impressive your medical practice is with an added benefit! Website videos are more effective than traditional television! How are website videos more effective, you ask?

Well, It’s all about choice... A key benefit Atlanta physicians receive from having a Definitive Medical Video on their website is a substantial increase in information retention by website video viewers. When viewers choose to watch your website video the information presented makes a far greater impact and therefore yielding higher quality results unmatched by any other marketing medium. Definitive Medical Website Videos deliver information about your medical practice and yourself as a physician in a way that potential patients are comfortable with and ultimately prefer over other avenues. Genuinely welcome visitors to your medical website, truly showcase your medical services, and ultimately reveal why potential patients should become your patient.

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