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Marketing for Medical Practices: Attract Medical Patients with this Tip

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

You’re main goal is to attract more patients to your medical practice. Most physicians share that goal. So what can a physician do to really stand out from their competition?

Try sharing your knowledge with the world free-of-charge on the internet with online video.

Online video is great because you, the physician, only have to actively share your information one time. The benefit of video is that when you put it online it is available to anyone, anytime!

Promote your medical field by sharing information with the medical world, as well as with the rest of the world, with a brief online video explaining what your practice has experienced and learned over the years and how that experience makes your medical practice the best choice for patients. Sharing your medical opinions, research findings, educational speeches, and other interesting information can distinguish you and your practice as an “expert in your medical field”. Physicians can actually generate a steady stream of new patients (and receive pretty satisfying paydays) when patients and other medical professionals consider them to be an expert physician.

Cash flow often comes when you start sharing the one priceless thing you have- your personal medical experience.

Attract more high-end patients to your medical practice by portraying yourself as a trustworthy expert in your medical field…online.

Reasons Websites are the most valuable employees in a medical practice.

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Websites work 24 hours a day.

Websites work 365 days a year.

Websites don’t get moody.

Websites don’t get an “attitude” with patients on the phone.

Websites never get bored with their job.

Websites don’t need maternity leave.

Websites don’t need vacation.

Website don’t need personal leave.

Websites don’t get tired.

Websites don’t talk trash about their co-workers- unless you tell them to.

Websites don’t steal office supplies.

Websites won’t borrow your stapler and not return it.

Websites don’t have sick kids to care of.

Websites actually want to do what you tell them to do.

Websites don’t have a “life”.

Websites are completely committed to your medical practice.

Websites don’t get distracted by the attractive delivery guy.

Websites don’t need a smoke break.

Websites don’t get their feelings hurt.

Websites don’t complain about being fat.

Websites don’t drink the last soda in the fridge.

Websites don’t expect special treatment on their birthday.

How Can Definitive Help My Medical Practice?

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Physicians that are the Best have Definitive take care of the rest.

Definitive believes that doctors and other health care professionals should focus on what they do best – being the professional – and rely on the expertise of our exceptional company to develop the marketing tools and strategies that will keep patients coming in the door.

Definitive Medical provides medical video and website services that truly take care of medical practice marketing needs when it comes to attracting new patients and keeping the ones they already have. Physicians will find the tools they need to grow their practice through Definitive.MD.

Medical Websites

  • Time-efficient websites that answer patient questions and decrease the hassles of phone calls and voicemail
  • Quickly attract patients searching for a physicians and medical services on the internet
  • Patient friendly websites that are simple to use and easy navigate

Medical Practice Videos

  • Promote medical services and products to your existing patients as they wait in your waiting area
  • Educate patients in your exam room on procedure details (pre-op, recovery time, post-op results, and more!)
  • Interact with patients even before they enter your medical practice with online videos

Learn more about Definitive Medical’s services and discover what our medical marketing company can offer your practice HERE!

Definitive Website Videos make CENTS!

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Advertise the Medical Procedures and Services your practice offers using Website Videos!

It is true that using customized video to connect with patients is effective. Customized video is also extremely helpful to patients when learning about the medical procedures a physician offers. Highlighting and explaining the various medical procedures your practice offers can now be done with a procedure video produced by Definitive Medical. Combining computer animation, actual procedure footage, and other visual tools into an attractive and informational video will answer patient questions, cover pre-procedure and post-procedure expectations, and clarify what exactly occurs during the procedure. Physicians no longer need those expensive bulky 3-D models and confusing diagrams in their exam rooms! Provide your patients with clear explanations in an entertaining manner with a procedure video from Definitive Medical!

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